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Burial Services

The San Diego Pet Memorial Park is peaceful and serine place for your loved ones final resting place.  We are now and will remain a living memorial to honor all those that have blessed us with their love and loyalty.  

Burial at San Diego Pet Memorial Park is a moving experience for pet parents and is especially comforting to those whose culture does not embrace cremation.  

We offer full body burials and cremain Internment burials and cater to a wide array of goodbye ceremonies.

Full Body Burials

All pets are gently groomed and prepared prior your families arrival. Therefore; we do require at least 24 hrs prior to the burial day to prepare the body.  Once your family member had been prepared we place them in the casket to await your arrival. Once you arrive at the San Diego Pet Memorial Park you would notified the staff and they will direct you to the reflection pond.  The reflection pond will be ready for you to add your own memorial  items, such as photos, flowers, toys, etc.  Once you are ready one of our caring staff members will bring your pet to the reflection pond for your final ceremony

The reflection pond is from time your loved one has arrived at the notice to burial, additional time may be required depending on condition Pets are placed in a casket and a viewing is scheduled at our Pet Chapel followed by a burial service, if desired.  Some pet parents want complete privacy with family only and other families hire caterers and have their church pastor officiate at the event.  Some families wish to have programs designed and even a white dove release.  Our staff is ready to assist in all burial planning.


Internment Service refers to the placement of ashes in our memorial park. Cremains are placed in an urn of your choice and placed in a family plot, a niche wall, columbarium, cremation garden or in another designated site within our memorial park.

Additional Services