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Cremation Services

It is never easy losing a family member, regardless if it is your first one or your 10th. We at the San Diego Pet Memorial Park understand the heartache you are going through during this difficult time.  We cater to all beloved animals no matter the size. We are here to memorialize their memory.

Our caring and compassionate staff are available to assist you in honoring them in the most humane and dignified way, thus allowing you and your family to memorialize the memory of your pet in the best possible way.

Individual Cremation

  • An Individual Cremation is the return of just your pets cremains, no co-mingling. There may be other loved ones in the cremation chamber but they are in their own compartment or separated by heat bricks, thus allowing us to maintain the integrity of the remains. 
  • All pets are carefully documented with an invoice number, name and location, and then gently placed in the crematory by the crematory operator.
  • Once your beloved family member has been received at our facility the return time home is usually 3-5 business days. Additional time may be required for special order urns and memorial items.

‚ÄčPrivate Cremation


  • A private cremation is when only your loved one is in the cremation chamber during the cremation process. In a private cremation, a single pet cremation allows you to say a personal goodbye and be a part of the placement of your pet in the crematory. This service must be scheduled so please call office for appointment times.

Communal Cremation ( Also referred as Group cremations)

  • This is a humane way of disposing of your pets body when you do not need the remains returned.  The communal cremation is when all pets are placed in the chamber with NO separation.  All of our communal cremains are taken out to sea via Ashes on the Sea approximately every 6-8 weeks. The remains are stored in our locked building until they can be scattered.

  • Although, ashes cannot be returned we do offer other memorial items such as ink/nose prints, clay moldings of the paw and fur clippings.  (See Urns and Memorials for more information and pricing).  These memorials can be done the same day when brought to the park.  

  • If you would like us to contact  you once your loved one has been picked up from our facility please click on paw print below and we will more than happy to let you know.

Large Animal (Horse) Cremation

  • We do offer large animal cremations mostly horse cremations. Some large animals must be quartered prior to being placed in the chamber therefore notification prior to delivery to the park must be done. Horse cremations are done by themselves and usually are done on the day of delivery. Transportation can be arranged if needed.  Please contact our office to discuss options and pricing for this service.