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DNA Testing for Pets


We currently came across this company that offers DNA testing for not only living pets but also on deceased pets.  If you are looking to see what makes/made your companion so special they can help.  Services can be preformed at The San Diego Pet Memorial call for appointment and pricing.

In the 55 years that the San Diego Pet Memorial Park has been assisting grieving pet parents; we know too well that sometimes it helps to just smile and laugh at pet antics.  Please send us your videos or photos of your loved one so we can post on our page.  You never know who it will help during the hard times.

Send them to in the subject line put your pets name and you full name so we know whose name to post. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our office directly.

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Sometimes, people realize their pets are suffering more than they were aware, and may need to make a choice about the final act of caring. The following JOURNEYS scale is meant to get you thinking and considering the factors that affect your pet’s happiness and sense of well-being.

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